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Our Journey

Our Culinary Odyssey: From Iconic Cities to Hidden Treasures

The culinary tapestry woven by Sandra and Steve stretches across iconic cities and hidden hamlets of the world. Their gastronomic adventure found its rhythm in the romantic bistros of Paris, the bustling beer halls of Munich, the timeless trattorias of Roma, the canal-side eateries of Venezia, and the charming chocolateries of Brussels.

As they meandered through these emblematic cities for more than 20 years, they were more than mere tourists. They were culinary explorers, intent on tasting both the celebrated and the understated. The elegance of a Parisian patisserie enchanted them as much as a humble Roman pizzeria. They reveled in Munich's hearty sausages, got lost in Sirmione's maze-like streets only to discover age-old gelato recipes, and were wooed by the rich decadence of Belgian Moules-Frites.

Yet, through these diverse gastronomic experiences, they realized a universal truth: authenticity is irreplaceable. As the world's food scene becomes increasingly homogenized, Sandra and Steve made it their mission to capture the essence of these traditional dishes, to sidestep the "lost in translation" nuances and to recreate them with genuine fidelity.

Now, in the heart of Yukon, the Cork&Fork Foodtruck stands as a beacon of their culinary commitment. Imagine savoring genuine German sausages, home made following hundred year old recipes without any chemical additives, all natural, or being transported to Roma with every bite of their authentic pizza made with Italian flour. French and Italian cheeses, reminiscent of their time in the Provence and Alto Adige, elegantly complement their offerings.

Each dish, each flavor is a narrative of Sandra and Steve's journey. With every mouthful, they invite you to explore these iconic cities, bringing a world of authentic tastes right to the Yukon. Join them in this epicurean pilgrimage and let your palate traverse continents.

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